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Entry #1

A strange glitch

2013-06-25 13:14:05 by tourmithefly

*Long text with so-so grammar incoming. Watch out!*

Here's one of my songs. Do you notice something? The downloads are incredibly high. As I'm writing this, there is right now 2,983 downloads for 324 views. My most popular song has 7k views for 1.4k downloads. Since about a month, my song has been downloaded like crazy for some reason. I think it is because the downloads of my song syncs with one other song, but I think I'm wrong.

I was wondering, is there a way to report that glitch to get my original amount of downloads? This glitch is really mixing up all my statistics and my average download is a few hundreds over what it should be without that song. Also, I've noticed a while ago a review on a song talking about the amount of downloads higher than the song's plays. I can't remember where I read it, though.

One other thing that I thought of, is that there is maybe a bot downloading my music again and again. Does Newgrounds have a system to prevent that kind of actions, like for the plays? Are downloads limited to one per person per song? If there is no system like that, then I'm pretty sure that there is a bot downloading my song non-stop. So, again, where can we report that kind of action? Did someone ever have the same problem?

Some people might think that this bot/glitch is a good thing, but I do not think that way. When I want to see my amount of plays/downloads, I want them to be true numbers, not the result of a bot downloading it. I want to see if I got better or not and if I should make music in this genre again. Also, like I said before, I do statistics of my songs, so this isn't really good since it influences WAY too much my averages and ratios. I usually have a plays/downloads ratio at ~11 on most of my songs, ''Rock my Flies'' being the exception with a ratio WAY under 1.

So, thanks for reading and if someone could tell me what exactly is this glitch I would really be happy. I would be even happier if the glitch happens to be fixed.

One of my songs has way too much downloads for its amount of plays. Is there a way to report that glitch (If it is one)?


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2015-01-31 10:21:23

I noticed this on one of my songs as well. And Im starting to think someone is using my music without giving me credit.

tourmithefly responds:

I really think that it is a glitch, since another song of mine, a more recent one, just started going up like crazy, and it doesn't seem to slow down. Right now, it is at 0.9k downloads for 1.9k plays, and it's going up way faster than the plays on it. I tried searching the download link of both my songs on google and came up with nothing.

So yeah, let's hope it's not song thieves or something like that.